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September 27th, 2010 at 7:28 am
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A lot of people aren’t aware that it is possible to cure cancer without surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. They don’t know that there are a lot of alternative ways to cure cancer. I already mentioned the writer Bill Henderson of the books “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $ 5.15 a Day” and “Cancer Free”

On his website he will take you to a series of articles on this subject. These are not a substitute for reading his book and some of the references — books, websites, etc. — I recommend. However, this short series of articles should help you to get your thinking straight as you work out a plan for overcoming your cancer.

Check it out and you will learn why it is better to cure cancer the natural way!:)

“Cancer Free” – Bill Henderson

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I want to share a part of a book I am reading at the moment! “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $ 5.15 a Day” By Bill Henderson with Andrew Scholberg. This story is for this moment very important for me, because a very dear family member is right now in the hospital with lung cancer and the doctor told him that there is nothing they can do to cure him! But the problem is that it is hard to convince people to do what is possible to cure themselves.

Doctor says, “What’s going on?
Her cancer is melting away”

One day in early 2008 Cathy bumped into a casual acquaintance named Peggy.
When Peggy mentioned that her 80-year-old mother, Beulah, was dying of lung cancer, Cathy immediately sprang into action. She grabbed a copy of my book Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, non-toxic Healing. Handing it to Peggy, she said, “I don’t know what you think about this, but it’s not a joke. Turn to the chapter about the diet, and read the rest later.”
On March 10, 2008, a doctor had given Peggy’s mother Beulah a death sentence, telling her, “We have no treatment for you. You have six months to live.” The doctor made it crystal clear that there was no hope whatsoever. Beulah calmly told the doctor, “The good Lord is going to heal me.” She had faith. When I interviewed Peggy by phone, she told me, “I couldn’t put your book down.” After reading it, she bought some fresh flax oil and cottage cheese and started Beulah on the Budwig protocol. Beulah also got on my healthy eating plan and later added Essiac tea to her regimen. You may recall that I mentioned Essiac tea in an earlier chapter of this Special Report.
Essiac tea is a traditional American Indian
herbal remedy for cancer. Beulah recommends the brand of Essiac brewed by Ginny Darby- Evans. It’s called “Just Tea,” and you can order it from this website: www.just-t.com. Ginny’s store is located at 449 S. Hickory Valley Rd., Sparta, TN 38585. You can also order “Just Tea” by calling (931) 946-7002.
About two weeks after getting my book from Cathy, Peggy called her with some exciting news: “The cancer doesn’t seem to
be spreading.” When Beulah’s doctor saw the improvement, he started pushing for chemo to “knock it out.” But Beulah was determined to get rid of her cancer the natural, non-toxic way. And with each subsequent visit, Beulah’s cancer kept shrinking and shrinking. The doctor kept on pushing his chemo, and Beulah kept on refusing it. The doctor was puzzled. He became unnerved! In exasperation, he wrote in Beulah’s chart that she “chose not to have any treatment.” But that wasn’t true. apparently the doctor forgot that he had told Beulah in March, “We have no treatment for you.” That was the reason Beulah turned to alternative treatments. Beulah was pleased to find natural health practitioner Penny Mill of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Penny gave Beulah electrodermal screening, a sophisticated method of identifying health problems.
During a follow-up examination with Beulah’s regular doctor in May, he told Peggy, “I don’t know what’s going on with your mother, but her cancer is melting away.” In June, he couldn’t see any cancer on Beulah’s X-ray. And in July, he couldn’t even find a trace of cancer in her blood. The cancer was gone. So he told Beulah, “You’re in remission.”
Beulah replied, “No, I’m not.” He answered,
“Yes, you are. When we can’t find any cancer, we say it’s in remission.” But Beulah said, “When God heals you, you’re healed.” And now that she’s committed to a healthy eating plan, she’s confident the cancer will never come back.
By Thanksgiving of 2008, the doctor was so astonished that he took Beulah’s newest x-ray to the doctor who had taken the first X-ray of her cancer in March of that same year. The doctor remarked, “This can’t be the same woman. There’s no cancer here!”
But it was the same woman. She was supposed to have died by September, according to his six-month prediction, but she had made it to Thanksgiving. And she has totally, 100 percent rid of her cancer. Furthermore, Beulah regained her health without surgery, radiation, or chemo. She’s in fine health. Peggy says, “I’m amazed when I look at my Mom.”

My clients routinely get rid of cancer using the same natural methods that Peggy’s mother used. Shouldn’t that be front-page news? Shouldn’t this story be on the evening news broadcasts of the national networks? Why does the cancer treatment industry keep these alternative treatments secret? If the cancer treatment industry is trying to perpetuate a conspiracy of silence, then it’s up to people like you and me to spread the truth far and wide. That’s the only way to break this conspiracy.

It is amazing to see that we can cure cancer just by simply change our diet! So I want to share the website where you can order this book!

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