"Just sharing about: Health and things that are important to know !"

I am a technician in the  biomedical research. I am investigating everything about health. I believe in holistic treatment of illnesses and therefore I also investigate the role of the Mind in being Healthy.
After I found out the truth about health I changed a lot and my health got a lot better. I feel better! I don’t have migraines anymore! I see again without glasses and I have lots of energy! My depression is also decreased and I believe my condition will improve in the future. I want to share the information that can help everybody to be or become as healthy as I am or even better. Everyone has a choice to be healthy!

My son had cancer in his spine. He was 8 years old and he had some vague symptoms I could not explain. In that time I was just starting to believe that everyone creates his own life. I just started thinking in that way! But these symptoms were so strange that I needed to go to the doctor with him. After a few consults with the doctor I needed to go to the hospital with him. He got a lot of tests and they found out he had cancer. My world collapsed and I had no answer how to cure him. My intuition told me at that time that there should be a cure for him, but I had no time to investigate. I also did not know who I could ask to investigate that question for me. I did not know people at the time who were thinking about health the way I was believing. In that time the only real way to investigate was to go to the library or buy the books in those special shops I never was passing on my way to the hospital my son was laying in.
He got all the treatments the modern medicine had to offer. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. And I was standing at his bed looking to his condition and feeling so bad. I could not understand that radiation and chemotherapy could be the answer to cure cancer. My concern was also how my son would survive. Would he be able to function normal again? Would he be able to walk again? Was it possible that he could still have children? With all those medication in my eyes “poison” after I read the explanation of the drugs he got! All his healthy cells would be attacked as well! I really did not know! Along the way I decided that this would not happen again to somebody I love!
After my son died I had a long period of greeve! After that I started to study I wanted to become a technician in the biomedical laboratory. I finished that study after 5 years and I did not find the answers I was looking for. I worked a few years and started to study again. This time Master Oncology on the University in Amsterdam. I still did not find any answers. In the meanwhile I started to get a lot of healthproblems like a lot of migraines. I could not read anymore my eyes were really getting bad. I was also very depressed. At that time there were people around me in my family and also friends I really care about having cancer. I still did not know what I could do to help them. I was standing next to their beds in the hospital like I stood there when my son was having cancer. I decided to stop with my study on the University, because it did not help to find me answers. I gave up!
I started to get my life back and to cure myself. I did not want any medical help only some painkillers to keep on going. I had holistic counseling for my depression and I started to go to the chiropractor. Finally it started to clear up. I wanted to write a book about what people could find in the hospital and what it all means. So they could find everything in one book to make it easier as it was for me at that time. I told my chiropractor about the book and he told me I should investigate some websites on the internet. I was really surprised what those websites were telling me. I could really not understand that the information on those websites was kept hidden! I was right all the time there was a cure and even more possibilities to cure and yes without all that poison. Now I read a lot of books and other information about Health and I changed my lifestyle and my health became so much better!
Through this blog I want to share the information I have found. I am also writing a book about this  so please check back regularly and read the truth about health.

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