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July 8th, 2011 at 12:29 am
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The question: Is it possible to cure diseases on a natural way?  I am certain about that!  The only thing is that a lot of people don’t believe this!

If I think about the body I have it’s  an amazing tool and it is totally built out of natural compounds. Those compounds form molecules and the molecules form cells and those cells form organs and tissues. We exist 70% out of water. So what do you think is wrong with your body if you have a disease ( dis ease)? The answer is you miss some of the compounds your body needs. That could be Oxygen, water, sodium, calcium, iron or name it. Where do we find those compounds? Around us in the nature. So all those compounds we need like Vitamin C is a natural molecule and that is not made. It is also not possible to patent on that compound so not possible to earn millions of dollars with that compound. And Vitamin D is made on our skin when the skin gets sunshine trugh it. If we don’t have enough vitamin D that is transported through the skin and becomes vitamin D3 that is the pre-cursor for the immune system. The immune system is very important to protect you from all kinds of diseases and that means also the big diseases like cancer and AIDS. If you don’t have enough vitamine D you will get very easy the Flu. If you live in a country with cold winters your skin is always covered and not getting enough sunshine to your skin. You need to take vitamin D3 to get enough vitamin D3 to have a good working immune system that will work to eliminate the bacteria, viruses and cells in your body not doing what they should do (cancer cells).

The problem is that we think that what doctors are telling us is what we should do! And you know what that the daily dosis that the doctor subscribe we should have off vitamin D3 is only just enough to stay healthy just enough to survive. But if we take more we are a lot healthier and we have less chance to get cancer. Vitamin C is also very important to get lots of it because this molecule is a very important anti-oxidant. An anti-oxidant takes free radicals away from example  our DNA that if they stay there they will damage the DNA that can result in cancer. These vitamins are essential in our diet. And they can also cure cancer.

I am surprised if I tell people struggling with cancer that they don’t believe this. I can’t understand that they don’t want to try or use it together (at the moment they get this advice) I would have done that at the moment I had heard it when my son was still alive and struggling and fighting his cancer. I was looking for a natural way to cure his cancer. But I didn’t know and the oncologists I had didn’t know! (Or did they?)

This is a sign that the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies did a good job! Hide the natural ways to cure cancer and a lot of other diseases! I did find a lot of ways to cure cancer (most, some need really to be cured on a regular way) and I have one at my place to use right away or to give it away to start immidiately if it is necessary.I promised myself that I would find a cure for myself and my loved ones at the time my son was suffering his treatment for cancer surgery, radiation and chemo. I saw my son and I realized that the treatment they gave him was only poison. Things that are really not done on living cells. When I was investigating living cells in the labaratory and seeing how those cells where changing when I added cytokines I saw what the healthy and cancer cells in the body of my son went thrugh. I had again that question in my head “How is it possible to cure cancer with poison?”  I could not believe in a cure of cancer with poison, radiation and surgery (sometimes surgery is needed). I was confused, because I was still looking for a way to cure myself and my loved ones for if!  I quit the study at the university and started to work on myself and than I found a few books on the internet and I started to read and read and I was so glad that I can finally say I have found a cure for myself.

But at the time I found the cure one of my loved ones was diagnosed with lung cancer and he did not want to try and two other members of my family didn’t want to try either! This was a real painful answer for me, but I have to respect  their choice, but it hurts. I want to share this with you in the hope you see that it is important to inform yourself before you need this because you have cancer. Because all the pressure around you and your fear of the diagnosis will make that you will choose to go for the regular treatments. But what if it would work and you would be Free of Cancer with a little time and also easy to do. You will save a lot of hospital visits and you will win a lot of time.

On my blog on the left side you can find the  book and links: I recommend books  I have found with important information about this subject and also  ways to cure diseases and cancer.  I am not able to copy that from the books so on those links you will find the websites where you can order those books they are most of the times as an e-book. So you can read them right away after purchasing them. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and start to read about how healthy care is organized these days and more important how to become or stay healthy!Cancer, Immune system

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