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HEALTH TIP: Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) ranks up there as one of the best household remedies. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the few “miracle substances” still available to the general public; it is safe, readily available, and dirt cheap. And best of all, it works!

Did you know that you probably had your first sip of hydrogen peroxide shortly after you took your first breath? That’s right… mother’s milk (especially colostrum) contains extremely high concentrations of H2O2. In light of the fact that we know that one of the main functions of mother’s milk is to activate and stimulate the immune system in the infant, the fact that it contains abnormally large amounts of H2O2 makes sense.

As far back as the early nineteenth century, hydrogen peroxide was widely used in medicine. Many bacterial diseases (including syphilis) responded to H2O2 when no other treatment was effective. In the early twentieth century, H2O2 was used to treat several common diseases, such as whooping cough, cholera, typhoid fever, ulcers, tuberculosis, and asthma. However, as the pharmaceutical industry began to develop expensive, new drugs, hydrogen peroxide was increasingly ignored and finally discarded as a treatment.

H2O2 stimulates natural killer (NK) cells, which attack cancer cells as they attempt to spread throughout the body. In the body’s immune response, hydrogen peroxide is released by T-cells to destroy invading bacteria, viruses and fungi. Blood platelets release hydrogen peroxide on encountering particulates in blood. In the large intestine, acidophilus lactobacillus produces H2O2 which keeps the ubiquitous candida yeast from multiplying out of control. When candida spreads out of the intestine, it escapes the natural control system and can gain a foothold in the organs of the body, causing what is called chronic fatigue syndrome.

During flu season, if the kiddos feel like they’re getting sick, we lay them down on their side and put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into their ear. After a few seconds, the liquid will bubble, indicating that it is killing the infection. After 5 or 10 minutes, we turn them over and repeat on the other ear. No one yet fully understands the complete workings of hydrogen peroxide, but we do know that it is loaded with oxygen. We know that when H2O2 is taken into the body (orally or intravenously) the oxygen content of the blood and body tissues increases dramatically.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a natural bleach to whiten clothes, as a spray to kill foot fungus, as a nasal spray to fight sinus infections, as an effective and inexpensive mouthwash, along with baking soda for natural toothpaste, and along with vinegar to create a non-toxic disinfecting agent. In tests run at Virginia Tech, the combination of H2O2 and vinegar (used as a spray mist) kills virtually all salmonella and E. coli bacteria on heavily contaminated food and surfaces.

Please remember that the hydrogen peroxide that is available at your local pharmacy (3% hydrogen peroxide) should NEVER be ingested orally, since it contains many stabilizers. The only grade recommended for internal use is 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, which must be properly diluted down to 3% with water. I personally use hydrogen peroxide each night before bed as a rinse and also a natural teeth whitener.


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This article is written in the newsletter “Cancer-Free newsletter” I get from Bill Henderson Author of the books, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”.
This article took my attention because it is so Obvious that “bad”food and stress are mostly the cause of cancer.
Just to let you know I share this article with you all!

If you go to the federal government’s official site for peer-reviewed medical studies, which is simply http://pubmed.gov, you’ll find that the term “oxidative stress” entered in the search window will bring up 114,294 studies. Why so many? Why is this topic so popular for study these last few years? Well, it’s pretty obvious if you read some of the studies. Oxidative stress is involved in virtually all chronic degenerative conditions — heart disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and on and on.

Oxidative stress, like the rusting of an engine, is not a good thing. Bad for the body leading to disease, leading to cellular malfunction and more importantly leading to what we call aging! Aging is a slow progression of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the main characteristic, biochemically, of the aging process. Oxidative stress begins with the very food we eat to give us energy. Just like an internal combustion engine, we give our cars fuel, they burn it, and the waste they produce are free radicals. Itʼs the same when we eat food. Our body produces energy and the burning of the food produces waste products that are toxic and produce free radicals.

The body fights back by producing enzymes that destroy free radicals. When we reach about 20 years of age, our body is at its peak of vitality. Thereafter it starts to decline in the production of protective antioxidant enzymes. By taking Protandim, our body is activated to once again start producing these protective antioxidants. Taking one tablet of Protandim per day reduces oxidative stress to the level of a 20 year old! This happens for everyone even if theyʼre 80 years old and even if you donʼt feel it. Just like when your cholesterol is being lowered, you canʼt feel it.

If you want to read more here is the url from the newsletter I got: http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/178nl.html

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The next cure to cancer?

If you read the article I saw today placed on a blog Can-do-ability you would think, Yes!!!

But when you read the total text you see that the FDA is working against it. I just want to show this, because I see a lot of people around me not believing that this is happening and that they still believe in the treatments they give to treat cancer. These given treatments let people suffer and the chance to heal totally is very small. After surviving the cancer than there is still the question if people have the possibility to become pregnant and get healthy children or even if they get a normal life back. I know people who survived cancer but they never came back to the life they had before. Less energy, more often ill and yes they are happy to be alive, but sad that they don’t have back their lifes the way they used to. You would think that the FDA would be pleased to give permission for those cures with less problems for the cured people. But they don’t!

The following text got my attention in the blog Can-do-ability

“Dr Burzynski discovered a missing strain of peptides in blood and urine within cancer patients. The word peptide is a biochemical term, but a peptide is basically a molecule consisting of two or more amino acids. He thought that if he could chemically extract peptides from healthy people’s blood and urine and administer them into those with cancer, it could essentially cure them. This is known as Antineoplaston treatment.”

This is a very common way to cure a lot of diseases and also a lot cheaper. This way of treatment don’t need chemotherapy and is much more natural as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapy gives a lot of side effects and a lot of people suffer a lot from this kind of treatments. Radiation is not healthy either, because the more radiation the more the healthy cells suffer as well. Surgery is cutting away the cancer, but also an easy way to spread the cancer in the body!

“Dr Burzynski doesn’t claim to be a miracle worker or a saint, but he does promise to treat all his patients with his non invasive treatment and hope for the best. He currently has a 50 – 60% success rate with his breakthrough treatment, which is a lot higher than the success rate for those receiving other common treatments. So why aren’t more terminally ill patients offered this alternative treatment? According to Burzynski’s supporters, if this does become a common practice, it will take down the whole cancer treatment industry, which will lose billions and billions of dollars in decades of research, funding and technology.”

If the body receive chemotherapy and radiation, it becomes much more difficult for the body to heal itself!  This because of the damage these treatments cause to the cells in the whole body! Also, if people get morfine as a painkiller, this has also a negative effect on the healing process! Even if people start getting a natural treatment after chemotherapy or radiation, it will be less effective, because of the damage caused by previous treatment. Though there is still a much bigger chance of healing than promised by chemo and radiation.

Please do yourself a favour and read the article on Can-do-ability

and for the people just reading my blog for the first time see my articles about the FDA!




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A lot of people aren’t aware that it is possible to cure cancer without surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. They don’t know that there are a lot of alternative ways to cure cancer. I already mentioned the writer Bill Henderson of the books “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $ 5.15 a Day” and “Cancer Free”

On his website he will take you to a series of articles on this subject. These are not a substitute for reading his book and some of the references — books, websites, etc. — I recommend. However, this short series of articles should help you to get your thinking straight as you work out a plan for overcoming your cancer.

Check it out and you will learn why it is better to cure cancer the natural way!:)

“Cancer Free” – Bill Henderson

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I want to share a part of a book I am reading at the moment! “How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $ 5.15 a Day” By Bill Henderson with Andrew Scholberg. This story is for this moment very important for me, because a very dear family member is right now in the hospital with lung cancer and the doctor told him that there is nothing they can do to cure him! But the problem is that it is hard to convince people to do what is possible to cure themselves.

Doctor says, “What’s going on?
Her cancer is melting away”

One day in early 2008 Cathy bumped into a casual acquaintance named Peggy.
When Peggy mentioned that her 80-year-old mother, Beulah, was dying of lung cancer, Cathy immediately sprang into action. She grabbed a copy of my book Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, non-toxic Healing. Handing it to Peggy, she said, “I don’t know what you think about this, but it’s not a joke. Turn to the chapter about the diet, and read the rest later.”
On March 10, 2008, a doctor had given Peggy’s mother Beulah a death sentence, telling her, “We have no treatment for you. You have six months to live.” The doctor made it crystal clear that there was no hope whatsoever. Beulah calmly told the doctor, “The good Lord is going to heal me.” She had faith. When I interviewed Peggy by phone, she told me, “I couldn’t put your book down.” After reading it, she bought some fresh flax oil and cottage cheese and started Beulah on the Budwig protocol. Beulah also got on my healthy eating plan and later added Essiac tea to her regimen. You may recall that I mentioned Essiac tea in an earlier chapter of this Special Report.
Essiac tea is a traditional American Indian
herbal remedy for cancer. Beulah recommends the brand of Essiac brewed by Ginny Darby- Evans. It’s called “Just Tea,” and you can order it from this website: www.just-t.com. Ginny’s store is located at 449 S. Hickory Valley Rd., Sparta, TN 38585. You can also order “Just Tea” by calling (931) 946-7002.
About two weeks after getting my book from Cathy, Peggy called her with some exciting news: “The cancer doesn’t seem to
be spreading.” When Beulah’s doctor saw the improvement, he started pushing for chemo to “knock it out.” But Beulah was determined to get rid of her cancer the natural, non-toxic way. And with each subsequent visit, Beulah’s cancer kept shrinking and shrinking. The doctor kept on pushing his chemo, and Beulah kept on refusing it. The doctor was puzzled. He became unnerved! In exasperation, he wrote in Beulah’s chart that she “chose not to have any treatment.” But that wasn’t true. apparently the doctor forgot that he had told Beulah in March, “We have no treatment for you.” That was the reason Beulah turned to alternative treatments. Beulah was pleased to find natural health practitioner Penny Mill of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Penny gave Beulah electrodermal screening, a sophisticated method of identifying health problems.
During a follow-up examination with Beulah’s regular doctor in May, he told Peggy, “I don’t know what’s going on with your mother, but her cancer is melting away.” In June, he couldn’t see any cancer on Beulah’s X-ray. And in July, he couldn’t even find a trace of cancer in her blood. The cancer was gone. So he told Beulah, “You’re in remission.”
Beulah replied, “No, I’m not.” He answered,
“Yes, you are. When we can’t find any cancer, we say it’s in remission.” But Beulah said, “When God heals you, you’re healed.” And now that she’s committed to a healthy eating plan, she’s confident the cancer will never come back.
By Thanksgiving of 2008, the doctor was so astonished that he took Beulah’s newest x-ray to the doctor who had taken the first X-ray of her cancer in March of that same year. The doctor remarked, “This can’t be the same woman. There’s no cancer here!”
But it was the same woman. She was supposed to have died by September, according to his six-month prediction, but she had made it to Thanksgiving. And she has totally, 100 percent rid of her cancer. Furthermore, Beulah regained her health without surgery, radiation, or chemo. She’s in fine health. Peggy says, “I’m amazed when I look at my Mom.”

My clients routinely get rid of cancer using the same natural methods that Peggy’s mother used. Shouldn’t that be front-page news? Shouldn’t this story be on the evening news broadcasts of the national networks? Why does the cancer treatment industry keep these alternative treatments secret? If the cancer treatment industry is trying to perpetuate a conspiracy of silence, then it’s up to people like you and me to spread the truth far and wide. That’s the only way to break this conspiracy.

It is amazing to see that we can cure cancer just by simply change our diet! So I want to share the website where you can order this book!

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I want to explain something very important about the system in the conventional medical system The book I found yesterday is writing about this. The main question is: “Is the FDA concerned about our health or about the bankaccounts of the shareholders of the Big Pharma’s?” What do you think is the truth? I want to quote some pieces of text from the book: Step Outside the Box, written by Ty Bollinger!
– Did you know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 Americans each and every year? Did you know that prescription drugs injure over two million Americans each and every year? These figures are straight from the Journal of the American medical Association. Could that mean that when you visit your doctor and take even a single prescription, you are playing “pharmaceutical roulette” and walking into the “Big Pharma Trap”?
– When patients begin to have additional problems, which are caused by the prescription drugs, what do they do? They head back to the doctors office where their doctor diagnoses them whith another disease or disorder. And then, the doctor gives them another prescription drug to help “fix” the problems caused by the first drug.
This is exactly what Big Pharma loves,  doctors who upsell their patients with more expensive prescription drugs! It’s the “Big Pharma Trap” “It’s pharmaceutical roulette!” What is the result?
Higher earnings per share! Of course! And the cycle continues…… one prescription after another, like boxcars on a train. Finally, the patient is broke and suffering (or dead) from chemical toxicity resulting from prescription drugs.

“welcome to the town of Allopath” a little story that explains what is happening in the conventional medical world!

Over the past century, hundreds of caring, concerned, and conscientious alternative doctors and herbalists have been treated like common criminals for the “crime”of curing people of terminal diseases in an unapproved manner by heavy-handed government agents who swoop down on clinics with machine guns and body armor. Posture themselves before TV cameras and the public under the ludicrous pretens of being servants of the people and protectors of the common good.
The cartoon is coming from Mike Adams and http://www.naturalnews.com/

I wrote this to warn you and make you think about all of this, in the hope you get an open mind! You are brainwashed true all the media about conventional medical Health! Please have an open mind and you can have a long healthy life! If you want to know about an example of suppressing an alternative natural way to cure cancer than look for what happened with GNM (German New Medicine) that is practiced in Germany before dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer was taken out of practice.
Dr.  Hamer in interview with Prof. J. Miklosko

For me this was the first time. Now one year ago I saw a piece of the truth!
This website http://www.gnm-nl.be/ showed me an other side of the conventional medical health system. After this my research started to find out more about the truth.

This knowing of the truth did set me free of the quilt I always felt after the death of my son being poisoned during his fight against cancer and I did not know a natural cure to heal my son. After I know that suppression of the natural ways to cure cancer is the reason my son had to die and not because I did not have the time to look for the cure to help him. I could never have  found  the truth in the short time he lived after the diagnoses of cancer. And internet was not yet available to the people in 1994!
That is the main reason I want to share this information and to inform people that there are Natural Cures for Cancer and you need to have an open mind to find that out!

An other nice link to investigate!

The Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS

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This book I recommend to everybody! For people who have no cancer and for people who have cancer. The book “Cancer free, your guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic healing”, written by Bill Henderson is a great book! For the people not having cancer it will inform you about a way to stay cancer free and for the people who have cancer you really should read the book.

Bill Henderson has done a great job investigating to become cancer free.

He is mentioning a lot of possibilities to cure cancer. Please it is a little investment for your health and for the health of your loved ones. I found in his book a lot of information I found out before I read his book and he is telling all the sources you can find the information with a lot of great possibilities. In the meanwhile he is also telling in Chapter 5 what to do if you have cancer to heal! And because of this book I will tell this in his words you will find back in Chapter 1: “The word cancer in your diagnosis always creates fear. This is part of the culture we live in. The fear of disability and pain is actually greater than the fear of death. Let me tell you something you can absolutely rely on. No cancer diagnosis is a death notice

I think you should have a look for yourself at this website for yourself:


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