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GNM is a way of looking to the “disease”  cancer based on Biological natural laws. This way cancer is a reaction of the body on a serious, highly acute dramatic, and isolating conflict shock. Looking at this way there is an easier and friendlier way to “cure” cancer. I went to a few information days about GNM. I am very enthusiast about this way to look at cancer. Dr. Med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer has developed GNM. He had once a clinic in Germany and this is closed, because this GNM was “a threat” to the conventional way to cure cancer. The costs of a treatment of somebody who has cancer would be around $ 2.500 and the recovery much higher as in the conventional way. The conventional way to cure cancer is around $ 100.000 each patient. That is why I want to share this newsletter I got so you can inform yourselfs about GNM.

We, the Team of GNM, are dedicated to make Learning GNM for you easy and enjoyable.

This month, we offer several interesting news items …
1.) A GNM Toolbar – Among the constantly expanding wealth of knowledge that we offer you in our GNM Website, we have developed a useful and handy GNM Toolbar. It is easy to download free of charge – always available in your browser (IE, Firefox and Chrome) – and quickly uninstallable should you decide to do so. Here is the Download URL: http://germannewmedicinegnm.ourtoolbar.com/ – you will love it!
2.) GNM DVDs – Caroline Markolin’s three recorded GNM presentations, available as DVDs, have received enthusiastic acclaim from around the world. Todate, her videos have been viewed more than 21,000 times. You can watch these videos free of charge online, or you might want to purchase them to share with friends and family. Should you have any questions regarding our GNM DVDs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

View online: http://www.screencast.com/users/GNM/folders/GNM%20Videos%20(English) 
View two Spanish Video Interviews with Dr. Hamer online: http://learninggnm.com/documents/videos-hamer.html
Purchase online: https://learninggnm.com/documents/purchases.html
Questions?: http://learninggnm.com/documents/contact_request_dvds.html
3.) GNM Testimonials – Recently, we have added more exciting stories of “GNM in Practice” to our constantly increasing collection of GNM Testimonials http://learninggnm.com/documents/testimonials.html.
4.) GNM Case Studies documented by Dr. Alvin de Leon, D.C. – we have just recently added a new sub-menu of “GNM Case Studies”. Enjoy learning how Dr. Alvin De Leon applies German New Medicine in his clinical practice http://learninggnm.com/documents/de-leon.html.
5) Canadian GNM Seminars – In the Spring of 2011, Caroline Markolin is offering a full complement of GNM Seminars in three Canadian cities. Kindly surf to http://learninggnm.com/documents/gnm_events.html to see the details.

6) Europe GNM Events – As previously announced, Caroline Markolin is also offering a 9-day MEGA GNM Seminar in Austria (in English) followed by a 4-day GNM Advanced Workshop. The details are shown in our Europe GNM Events menu item: http://learninggnm.com/documents/europe_gnm_events.html. One very significant addition in our European GNM Workshop is the participation of Michael Loidl (Austria), who has 15 years of practical experience in GNM. At the workshop, he will present numerous cases, including brain CT studies.

If you wish, you can view this GNM Newsletter online here: http://learninggnm.com/subscribe/latest_gnm_newsletter.html.

Should you have any questions, please write to us: http://learninggnm.com/documents/contact_us.html.

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Juergen Buche, N.D. for
Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.


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