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August 6th, 2013 at 12:09 am
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It is already long ago that I read the book of Louise L. Hay that was the very first time I read that it is possible to create your own future by changing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I worked a lot with the book she wrote: “You can heal your Life”.
I had a lot of good results with that book and I was changing my life for my health on all the issues I found that had to be changed. I was eating a lot healthier and I was happy and enjoying my life a lot. Until my son got cancer and I was falling back in a few stubborn habits I had.
Anyway I am back and I get back my feelings and Lifestyle I used to have before my son was diagnosed with cancer. I feel the connection again with the world around me and beyond.
I am working again with affirmations and I feel great!
On this blog I will also share my experiences with affirmations in the future.

Live in the moment

The first thing that is very important as you work with affirmations, that you always live in the NOW. Now is the moment you can work on the future. I say this because most of the people and I was doing that as well since my son got cancer, are living in the past or in the near future.
For example: I was living in the past thinking about the question: what did I wrong that my son got cancer? And living in the future: having fear about how my children can survive in a world like this?
Now I found out I need to work on the thing that I have to live in the NOW!
What can I do now to get things better in the future?

Feel the affirmation as if it is already happened

A lot of people don’t understand that what they do or what they try even with the affirmations they use, that it doesn’t work. It is important to become still and feel the affirmation as if it is already happened. That feeling you need to have when you say or write the affirmation and it will happen. In the meanwhile stay focussed in the moment and make the affirmation not to difficult that you have trouble to believe in it.
For example: If you have a 1000 $ job and you want to have a million job that is a big gab! Or you want to loose weight and you say I want to weigh 60 kilo and your weight is 90 kilo that is also a big gab! So if you start to make those affirmation it is great to set a goal with less difference. I you have reached the goal you rewrite the affirmation to a point nearer to your endpoint!
When you reached your goals your confidence, trust and knowing that it will happen will grow and than you feel more confident to use the affirmations. And positive thinking is great!
My days are going fast and still I accomplish so much more living in the NOW!

Have a great and healthy day!

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July 28th, 2013 at 11:43 am
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I made a film with affirmations and placed it on Youtube I want to share this with all of you!


With loosing weight it is important to get enough and during the normal sleeping hours a deep sleep! This helps your body to restore your cells and body!

We all need a good sleep! During the resting hours in the night the body is restoring the damage on the cells and tissues and also digesting the foods you have taken. That is also the reason the advice is not to eat during the two hours before you go to sleep. How less the body needs to digest the more energy is left to restore the body! If people sleep badly you will see that the soonest on the skin of their faces! The second thing we need is enough right nutrients, vitamines and minerals. If the body doen’t have enough it will feel always hungry and therefore we eat and eat and in the most time the stuff we don’t need like cookies, sugar lots of sugar and lots of chocolate. We become depressed after eating and so we come into a circle of bad behavior we can stop that by using the right nutrients and also to get everynight a good night sleep!

Sleep is the most important. I know that I can eat the best nutrients for my body but that does not work if I don’t sleep enough on the right hours!


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