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September 12th, 2013 at 10:32 pm
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I started on my blog the page worldvision on that page I like to share news that is not mentioned on the newsmedia because they are not allowed to do that. So I like to give that news some help to inform the people what is really going on in the world. So come back to my blog and find out what is happening in the meanwhile I posted some links so you can look for yourself.

Are you interested in the real news?

– What is happening with Syria?

– Why should we accept all the stuff (poison) in our water!?

-Why is it so important to get so many vaccinations?


Shouldn’t we take our lives in our own hands!!!!

Here are a few links to inform you about what is really happening around the world!!  People who are looking for the truth are often banned or called bad names! But if you look around and think clearly you will see and think twice about the things that is really happening.


Alex Jones is looking and sharing the truth about health, worldnews like the war they want to start in Syria, GMO and other topics!

I am following the news on prisonplanettv from Alex Jones


“On Saturday night, June 9th, 2012, I conducted The Fukushima Forum on Coast To Coast AM.

Followed on March 23rd, 2013 by the Annihilation Negation Conversation, regarding the possibilities of a Fukushima type disaster happening in the U.S., growing  up in the shadow of Rocky Flats, the elimination of thousands of launch-ready nuclear weapons, and the fourteen U.S. nuclear plant near-misses during the last year, including the hacking by the Chinese military of our control systems. This site offers a measure of real security to you and those you care about. I use these products myself. I would not offer them to you if I did not.

Don’t rely on the authorities to tell you.

You can know. Be well.”  -John B. Wells


an other great site with a lot of news about Health and other things related to Health.

other sites where you can find real news:


For the people who dont understand and like to understand you can look to this videomovie to see what this is all about!! This movie is made in that way that it is easy to follow and to understand what is going on!



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