"Just sharing about: Health and things that are important to know !"

On this page I like to share what I did to change my health! I will tell what I did and recommend ways to achieve the same progress as I did if it helped or I will tell you that it didn’t help. I hope in this way to help you and your family and friends to find ways to stay Healthy.

  • I went to the chiropractor to get rid of my migraines!
  • I started to take supplements vitamine C, vitamine D3 and Fishoil
  • I stopped all the medication I took for asthma ( I did this slowly and I used drinking water and putting some salt on my tongue and drinking again water if I needed medication before I took again medication if I didn’t get air after that. and after a while I didn’t need to take the medication anymore), migraine, aspirines and other painkillers (for my back).
  • I already stopped using aspartame for a long time, but I found out that I still was using aspartame but than with one of the new names I got rid of these products too out of my kitchen. (I need to say that lately I take in the morning the juice of one lemon with some water and that wakes me up and a lot of the pain from inflammation of the throat for if I have a cold will soon disappear in let say 10-15 minutes for sure july 2013)
  • I found a plan for treatment of cancer on a natural way for if the diagnose will be cancer. I don’t want a treatment with the Big Three. Cutting, Chemo and radiation. I am convinced that it never can be healed by Chemo and/or radiation!
  • I changed my bad vision on a natural way!
  • I started to seed my own vegetables

Finally I am free of migraines

This was a real good choice. I was feeling a lot better each time I had a treatment. I started with 2 times a week and now I am going one time a month. And when I feel I need a treatment for example when I felt from the stairs a few weeks ago. The chiropractor adjusts the spine where it is blocking nerves. After the treatment the nerves transports a lot better the signals to feel or to improve the function of organs and the whole body! He gave me also advise to read some websites when I asked some questions about my health. Those websites were eye openers for me about the conventional medical treatments.

I don’t use glasses anymore!

When I read about the possibility to get my vision back without glasses I was really glad. I bought the programm “Vision without glasses”  and I started to implement the exercises needed to improve my vision. In the first week I started to see already a lot better and I could see again with my glasses. I needed again new glasses, because I was not able to read a book. I was really sad about that because I love to read. After a while I was not able to read anymore with glasses and I was shocked. I thought my sight was again becoming bad. I thought if I can’t see with I can better put the glasses off again. But I was surprised I was seeing everything clear and sharp. I was so glad I never put my glasses on again from that day. And I can read books again the way I used to do! I read one book in one a half day instead of three weeks. I am so glad with my vision that I want to share the method I used to improve my vision!

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