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August 9th, 2010 at 9:43 am
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It is been a long time I wrote a post! I am so sorry about that. I had some issues to deal with. And it had to do with setting up a new system for me to get the blog seen by others! I had also more work within my daily work and that gave me more stress! That made me think that it is easy to get stressed and even worse to get a burn out. I have found an article written by Dr. Mercola and he gives 11 simple ways to avoid stress and on the long term a burnout. I like to share that with all of you!

Stay fresh and productive using these 11 burnout-busting tips from Lifehack:

1.Schedule regular social activities

Remember when you used to spend time with people you were neither working with nor sleeping with? You watched movies, ate meals, played games, and went on trips. You were active and you had fun!

You can regain some of that emotional fulfillment by contacting some of your old pals and scheduling regular activities.

2.Follow a fitness plan

If you want to avoid burnout, resurrect that New Year’s Resolution and figure out what it takes to get you exercising on a regular basis. Apart from all the physical benefits of exercise, you’ll enjoy the mental satisfaction of knowing that you’re taking good care of yourself again.

3.Pursue a hobby

Pick a hobby that has little or nothing to do with what you spend most of your week doing and pursue it with passion! A hobby that uses an entirely different skill set can provide your heart and mind with a satisfying break from the weekly grind and set you on a good path for increased productivity.


Nothing brightens the soul or warms the senses like giving to another for no reason other than to give. If you’re feeling run down by life, seek out somebody less fortunate than yourself and work to help them.

5.Write a manifesto

Have you forgotten what you want out of life? It’s easy to lose track of time and even easier to forget about what makes us glad to be alive. What can you do to bring back that focus? Take a day or perhaps an entire weekend and write a manifesto, a declaration of purpose, for yourself.

6.Ask for help

Whether your struggle is with a particular part of a project or with something general, like time management, asking for help will get you to a solution faster than you could ever hope to alone. If you want to avoid burnout, you’ll need to swallow your pride on occasion and reach out for help.

7.Make others laugh

You’ll find it hard to be glum and entertain unhappy thoughts when the people around you are excited and happy to be near you.

8.Make an escape list

An “escape list” is a list of everything you’d need to do in order to escape a situation that’s driving you nuts. In a work context, your escape list might include things like turning in a final presentation or asking for a raise.

9.Embrace a morning ritual

Are you starting your day on the wrong foot by waking up late, rushing about, and skipping out the door at the last minute? Try slowing down your morning instead.

10.Stop making excuses

Once you’ve given up on blaming others you’ll start seeing more of the good in your life.

11.Be accountable

The trick is find somebody you can trust to give the down and dirty on what you’re trying to do and how you’re moving forward. For best results, have your accountability partner NOT be a relative or somebody you’re dating. They typically won’t have the capacity for objective review of your progress. People who love you will often make excuses for you, and you want to avoid excuses at all costs.

I hope you like these tips as I do!

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